Families and relationships

Developing understanding of families, learning about marriage and what to do if someone feels unhappy or unsafe in their family. Understanding that friendships will encounter issues but this can strengthen them and exploring the impact of bullying and what might influence the behaviour of a bully. Learning that we all have different positive attributes and we should be proud of these.

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Lesson 1: Build a friend

Learning what makes a good friend and why friends are important


Lesson 2: Friendship skills

Exploring friendships, possible solutions to problems and learning that friendships can be strengthened after an issue as happened


Lesson 3: Marriage

The children learn about different types of marriage and the history of marriage in England


Lesson 4: Respecting myself

Learning the importance of having self-respect and how this affects happiness and making decision making


Lesson 5: Family life

Learning that family relationships can sometimes make children feel unhappy and what children can do if this happens


Lesson 6: Bullying

Learning about bullying and what might lead someone to be a bully