Safety and the changing body

Developing understanding of online safety and the benefits and risks of sharing information online. Learning about the difference between private and public and about age restrictions. Exploring the physical and emotional changes in puberty. Learning about the risks associated with tobacco. Knowing how to help someone with asthma.

This topic covers...

This topic covers some important and sensitive areas, including the physical and mental changes encountered during puberty.  Lesson 7 includes a unique puberty animation for the children to view.

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Lesson 1: Internet safety: age restrictions

Learning about age restrictions and how they are designed to protect us

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Lesson 2: Share aware

Understanding the benefits and risks of sharing material online

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Lesson 3: First Aid: asthma

Learning how to help someone who has asthma.

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Lesson 4: Privacy and secrecy

Developing the children's understanding of privacy and the difference between secrets and surprises

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Lesson 5: Consuming information online

Understanding that not all information on search engines is valuable

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Lesson 6: Growing up

Understanding that physical change is part of growing up, pupils learn about some of the physical changes they will experience as the go through puberty

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Lesson 7: Introducing puberty

Children learn about the changes that males and females go through as they grow and develop from being a child to an adult, featuring a bespoke animated pupil video

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Lesson 8: Tobacco

Understanding the risks of smoking and the benefits of being a non-smoker

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