Safety and the changing body

Becoming a responsible digital citizen; learning about cyberbullying and identifying unsafe digital content. Exploring that issue of influence and making independent choices. Learning how to call the emergency services and how to respond to bites and stings. Developing understanding of road safety.

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Lesson 1: First Aid: emergencies and calling for help

Learning how to assist in an emergency


Lesson 2: First Aid: Bites and stings

Learning what to do if someone has been stung or bitten


Lesson 3: Be kind online

Children will learn the importance of being kind online and what this looks like


Lesson 4: Cyberbullying

Understanding that cyberbullying involves being unkind online, pupils learn to recognise this behaviour and how to deal with it


Lesson 5: Fake emails

Children learn that not all emails are genuine and how to identify fake emails


Lesson 6: Drugs, alcohol and tobacco: Making choices

Learning about the choices people can make themselves and those which are made by others


Lesson 7: Drugs, alcohol and tobacco: Influences

Recognising who and what can influence our decisions, pupils explore how to ensure they are making the right decision for themselves


Lesson 8: Keeping safe out and about

In this lesson children learn to develop their understanding of safety on or near roads