Safety and the changing body

Developing understanding of safety: roads, medicines and an introduction to online safety. Understanding the difference between secrets and surprises and learning the names of parts of the body and the concept of privacy.

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Lesson 1: Introduction to the internet

Children will learn what the internet is and how it can help us

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Lesson 2: Communicating online

Understanding the importance of not sharing personal information online, pupils learn what to do if they see something online that makes them feel upset or uncomfortable

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Lesson 3: Secrets and surprises

Learning to tell the difference between secrets and surprises

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Lesson 4: Appropriate contact: My private parts

Children learn about the concept of privacy and the correct vocabulary for body parts

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Lesson 5: Appropriate contact: My private parts are private

Children learn about safe and unsafe touches

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Lesson 6: Road safety

Learning how to keep safe on and near roads

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Lesson 7: Crossing roads safely

Children learn the rules for crossing roads safely

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Lesson 8: Staying safe with medicine

Children learn how to explain if they feel unwell and safety around medicines

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