Safety and the changing body

Learning about potential hazards and dangerous substances in the home. Understanding what to do if you get lost, what classes as an emergency and making a call to the emergency services. Learning how to respond appropriately to adults in a range of settings and developing an understanding of appropriate physical contact.

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Lesson 1: Adults in school

Understanding who are the adults who work in school, and how to speak to them.


Lesson 2: Adults outside of school

Understanding how to speak with adults in different situations and what to do if worried by anything that an adult says or does.


Lesson 3: Getting lost

Understanding what to do if we get lost


Lesson 4: Making an emergency phone call

The children explore what is an emergency and how to call the emergency services using role play


Lesson 5: Appropriate contact

Understanding the difference between acceptable and unacceptable physical contact


Lesson 6: Safety with substances

Learning what is safe to go on or in the body, and why some things should never go into the body


Lesson 7: Safety at home

Learning about hazards in the home and how these dangers can be avoided


Lesson 8: People who help to keep us safe

Learning about people in the local community whose jobs are to help to keep us safe