Family and relationships

Learning about family relationships and that families are all different. The characteristics of positive friendships and overcoming issues. Recognising how other people show their feelings and helping and caring for others.

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Lesson 1: What is family?

Understanding the different people that can be in a family and that families look after us


Lesson 2: What are friendships?

Developing understanding of the characteristics and the importance of good, positive friendships


Lesson 3: Recognising other people’s emotions

Children learn how others can show their feelings, that feel people can feel differently to them and how to show others that they care


Lesson 4: Working with others

Beginning to understand how friendships can make us feel and the skills needed to work with other people


Lesson 5: Friendship problems

Pupils develop their understanding that friendships can have problems but that these can be overcome


Lesson 6: Healthy friendships

Understanding what friendly behaviour is and learning that being friendly to others makes us feel welcome and included


Lesson 7: Gender stereotypes

To begin and understanding of what is meant by a stereotype and how unhelpful and unfair it is to stereotype people