Children are introduced to this famous genre of music and its history, and learn to identify the key features and mood of blues music and its importance and purpose. They can also get to grips with the 12 bar blues and the blues scale, and combine these to create an improvised piece with a familiar, repetitive backing

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Lesson 1: History of the Blues

After learning about how this genre of music originated and identifying some of its features, children sing a blues-style song


Lesson 2: Playing a Chord

Children are introduced to chords in this lesson and become familiar with those often used in blues music


Lesson 3: The 12 Bar Blues

Children learn to play the chord sequence of the 12 bar blues


Lesson 4: Blues Scale

Pupils learn to play the blues scale - up and down


Lesson 5: Improvisation and the blues

Children improvise with the notes that they learnt in the blues scale in the previous lesson, playing them in different orders