Monster pets

Looking at animals, monsters and hybrids, children use their ‘detective skills’ to extract information, identify and sort nouns by their gender. This will help to develop their understanding of sentence structure and write a paragraph to describe their own monster pet

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Lesson 1: Beware the dragon!

Pupils work together to look for information within a text about a Varan de Komodo (Komodo Dragon), using a range of language detective skills to identify key facts about the animal

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Lesson 2: Nouns, gender and number (body parts)

Pupils learn the names of human body parts and use this, and their knowledge of number, colour and size, to match pictures of monsters to the correct descriptions

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Lesson 3: Monster mash-up

Children practise using the correct article, depending on whether they are describing a masculine or feminine noun, through their description of hybrid animals before creating their own unique animal

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Lesson 4: About a beast (Adjectives)

After looking at adjective families, children play a game in pairs against the clock, with one child acting as the 'runner' and the other, a 'scribe' to improve their understanding of different adjective forms.

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Lesson 5: Fantastic beasts

Incorporating all they have learnt in this topic, children write a descriptive paragraph about the monster pet they created in Lesson 3, then present this to the class

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Key Vocabulary and Pronunciation for Lessons 1-5

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