Lesson 3: Monsieur Mangetout's French food week

Through the entertaining story of Monsieur Mangetout, children practise the days of the week and food vocabulary

Before the lesson

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Learning objective

  • To be able to join in with and perform a short, repetitive story using voice and actions to communicate to an audience

National curriculum

Pupils should be taught to:

  • Listen attentively to spoken language, join in and respond
  • Speak in sentences using familiar vocabulary
  • Present information orally to a range of audiences


KS2 Framework:

  • Use tone of voice and gesture to convey meaning (O5.1)
  • Remember, retain and recall words, phrases and sentences (O5.4)
  • Use actions and rhymes to aid memorization (LLS)

Success criteria

Cross-curricular links

Attention grabber

Main event

Wrapping up

During the week

  • Print the Activity: Monsieur Mangetout story map and add labelled pictures for all the food that Monsieur Mangetout eats
  • Research the real life ‘Monsieur Mangetout’ (Michel Lotito, 1950-2007) – you can use dictionary skills to compile a list of some of the crazy things he used to eat!
  • French afternoon tea is called Le goûter. You’ll find lots of ideas for typical children’s sweet snacks online.

Assessing pupils' progress and understanding


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