Lesson 2: Clothes and colours in French

Children play games, incorporating colour into their descriptions of clothing items, before putting into practice what they have learnt, matching or describing clothing items based on their colour

Learning Objectives

  • Knowing to add an e to the adjective if it is describing a feminine (la/une) word

  • Knowing to put the colour adjective after the noun (object)

  • Recognising the written form of new words

Lesson Plan

Colour adjectives and using them correctly depending on the gender of the noun
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Teacher Video: Les vêtements et couleurs

Presentation: Key vocabulary and pronunciation

Click on the dots to hear the French pronunciation



Activity: Colorez les vêtements
Activity: Clothes cards
Created by:
Simone Haughey,  
Languages specialist
Previously a generalist Primary teacher for 12 years, Simone now specialises in Languages. She is MFL Consultant and Languages Teacher at Robin Hood Primary. Her work with Mandarin Chinese led to the IoE Confucius Institute for Schools awarding her school with Confucius…
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