Lesson 3: Assembling the windmill

Children complete their turbines, through careful cutting and folding, and attach them to their structure, testing its strength and stability

Learning Objectives

  • Assembling the components of the structure

  • Cutting and assembling the turbine

  • Understanding that windmill turbines use wind to turn and make the machines inside work

  • Knowing that axles are used in structures and mechanisms to make parts turn in a circle

  • Testing that the turbine turns in the structure

  • Altering the parts if the turbine doesn't move

Lesson Plan

Assembling my wind turbine structure
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Teacher Video: Assembling the windmill

Note that this Teacher Video is the same as the Teacher Video in Lesson 4

Pupil Video: Assembling the windmill

Note that this Pupil Video is the same as the Pupil Video in Lesson 4

Presentation: Types of windmill (from Lesson 1)

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