Microsoft Office 365: Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park is considered the home of modern computing. Discover the history of Bletchley and learn about code breaking and password hacking. Children have the opportunity to demonstrate some of their digital literacy skills by creating presentations about historical figures. This unit is suitable for schools that use Microsoft Office 365.

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Lesson 1: Secret codes

In the first lesson of this unit, explore a variety of different codes from simple Caesar ciphers to the Enigma code and discover how to decipher them

Learning Objective

To understand that there are lots of different types of secret codes

Lesson 2: Brute force hacking

In this lesson, children learn what 'brute force hacking' is and the importance of secure passwords

Learning Objective

To understand the importance of having a secure password

Lesson 3: Bletchley Park

Explore and find out about Bletchley Park during the WWII period and how the first computer cracked the supposed 'unbreakable' Enigma code

Learning Objective

To understand the importance of Bletchley Park to the World War II war effort

Lesson 4: Computing heroes

In this lesson, children learn about important historical figures in the field of computing, including Alan Turing, Margaret Hamilton and Steve Jobs

Learning Objective

To understand about some of the historical figures that contributed to technological advances in computing

Lesson 5: Computing heroes part 2

In this lesson, children research and present information about a historical computing figure, explaining the impact of their significance