Search Engines

To learn independently, children need to be able to find relevant and accurate information quickly. This topic teaches pupils how to use key words and phrases, to identify inaccurate information, how pagerank works as well as how to credit their sources appropriately

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Lesson 1: Searching Basics

Children recap search engines and are challenged to find specific websites or information as fast as they can to test their searching skills!

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Lesson 2: Inaccurate Information

Learning that not everything they read online is necessarily true, children learn how to check that information that they find is accurate

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Lesson 3: Web Quest

By focusing on key words, children develop their research skills, learning how to quickly find relevant information on a specific topic

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Lesson 4: Information Poster

Using the information they found in the previous lesson, pupils create an informative poster using the software Canva, ensuring that they appropriately credit the images and videos that they use

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Lesson 5: Web Crawlers

Pupils learn how search engines work, specifically; the role of a web index, what can affect pagerank and the role of web crawlers

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