Lesson 2: Sonic soundtracks

Using their programming skills, pupils create a piece of music based upon a given theme, including the use of loops. Thanks to the Dubai English Speaking School for our header image!

Before the lesson

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Learning objective

  • To create a program that plays themed music

National curriculum

  • Design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals
  • Select, use and combine a variety of software (including internet services) on a range of digital devices to design and create a range of programs

Success criteria

Cross-curricular links

Attention grabber

Main event


Pupils needing extra support: Use the Sonic Pi basic command sheet provided to help support spelling and syntax


Pupils working at greater depth: Can explain how they can use Sonic Pi to change the pitch, tempo, rhythm and timbre of the music.

  • pitch = higher/lower play notes
  • tempo = controlling the pauses with sleep
  • rhythm = using loops appropriately
  • timbre = using the synths

Wrapping up

Assessing pupils' progress and understanding


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Sway Grantham (@SwayGrantham) is a Primary School Teacher, a CAS Master Teacher and Specialist Leader in Education for Primary ICT. She also has a BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching (Primary). She has written several curricula and conducted research into the…
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