Lesson 1: Google Sites skills

Children are introduced to Google Sites and challenged to explore and 'tinker' with it to create a simple web page

Before the lesson


  • Teacher video: Google Sites skills

Teacher video: Google Sites skills

Have ready

NB. If your school uses Microsoft Office 365, kidsemail.org or you have the children registered to a secure email service, then please adapt the lessons to suit what you have in place


  • Activity: Google Sites checklist (see Classroom resources) – one per pupil
  • Resource: Making a website help sheet (see Classroom resources) – one per pair

Download classroom resources

Activity: Google Sites checklist
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Resource: Making a website help sheet
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Learning objective

  • To explore the features of Google Sites to learn how to create content for a web page

National curriculum

Pupils should be taught to:

  • Understand computer networks including the internet; how they can provide multiple services, such as the world wide web and the opportunities they offer for communication and collaboration
  • Use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognise acceptable/unacceptable behaviour; identify a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact

Success criteria

  • I can create a web page using Google Sites
  • I can add content to a web page
  • I can use a range of features in Google Sites and record my progress

Cross-curricular links

  • Nothing relevant to this lesson

Attention grabber

Display slide 2 of Presentation: Google Sites skills to discuss the Learning objective and Success criteria

Presentation: Google Sites skills

Show on your interactive whiteboard

Slide 3: on their whiteboards, ask pupils to write down the websites that they go on regularly. This may prompt discussion on age-appropriate sites (e.g. gaming and social media).

Their websites will probably fit into a few categories, including gaming, streaming, finding out information and social media.

Slide 4: explain to the class that websites are used to share information with a wide audience on the World Wide Web, indicating that content on a website can be read anywhere in the world.

They should be relatively familiar with this if they have completed the Year 4 topic: How the Internet Works.

Slide 5: tell children that they are going to be learning how to create web pages using Google Sites.


Key questions

  • What websites do you use regularly?
  • What is the purpose of these websites?
  • Who are they aimed at?

Main event

Teacher Modelling

Show the class ‘Google Sites’ on the whiteboard. All pupils will need a Gmail login to access Google Sites. Watch our Year 3 > Emailing > Lesson 1: Sending an email > Teacher video: Logging into Gmail for a refresher.

Slide 6: on the whiteboard, demonstrate how to do some of the basic skills but explain that the software is intuitive and that they will have a chance to explore themselves. (Watch the teacher video alongside this lesson if you need support.)


Pupil Investigation

Slide 7: give pupils the Resource: Making a website help sheet and Activity: Google Sites checklist and explain that they are going to be creating their own Google Site to see how many new skills they can learn. Explain that they should work through the checklist, ticking off their progress as they use each of the features.

Slide 8: depending on your class, you may want to give them some options for the theme of their website, such as: a hobby, their class, their family, friends, favourite food or animal.

If you decide to use none of the options above, I recommend checking further ahead in the topic to ensure you don’t cover the same thing twice.


Pupils needing extra support: May need additional modelling of the key skills; encourage them to work through the skills on the checklist in order.


Pupils working at greater depth: Should be encouraged to explore the features in more depth. What else could they do that isn’t on the checklist?

Wrapping up

Gather pupils back together – remember websites automatically save on Google Sites.

Slide 9: go through some of the features on the checklist and ask pupils to model how to do these on the whiteboard. Then, ask them to complete their review boxes on their checklist – What went well? What are the next steps?

Ask pupils to share these with the rest of the class and then explain that, in the next lesson, they will be working together to create a web page as a part of a class website.

Assessing pupils' progress and understanding

Pupils with secure understanding indicated by: Using most skills from the checklist on their website.


Pupils working at greater depth indicated by: Demonstrating all checklist skills on their website as well as additional features.


  • Google SItes

  • Content

  • Web page

  • Features

  • Record

  • Progress

  • Websites

  • Information

  • Audience

  • World Wide Web

  • Published

  • Hobby

  • Theme

  • Checklist

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