Website design

In this topic children develop their research, word processing, and collaborative working skills whilst learning how web pages and web sites are created, exploring how to change layouts, embed images and videos and link between pages.

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Lesson 1: Google Sites skills

In this lesson, children are introduced to Google Sites and challenged to explore and 'tinker' with it to create a simple web page


Lesson 2: Book review web page

In this lesson, children create a web page for a class website, planning the content of their page and using various features within Google Sites


Lesson 3: Creating a web page

In this lesson, children use the skills that they have developed to create their book review web page, showcasing what they have learned


Lesson 4: Planning my website

In this lesson, children develop their understanding of how different web pages within a site link, children plan their own website


Lesson 5: Creating my website

In this lesson, children create their own website in accordance with their designs developed in the previous lesson and evaluate its success