Digital literacy

Pupils develop their digital video skills, creating book trailers to promote their chosen books. Creating a storyboard and identifying key events within their book, pupils then frame and film their shots before learning how to edit their films, adding effects such as transitions, music, voice and text. (Digital literacy: Option 1: using devices other than iPads)

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Lesson 1: Planning a book trailer

Children create a storyboard to plan their book trailers, identifying the key events in their chosen story


Lesson 2: Filming

In this lesson, children use digital devices to take photos and videos, framing their shots to achieve desired effects


Lesson 3: Editing the trailer

In this lesson, children import their footage from the previous lesson into film editing software and record and add sounds, music and voiceover to their videos


Lesson 4: Transitions and text

In this lesson, children learn about different transition styles and add transitions between the different shots in their videos as well as text on screen


Lesson 5: Video reviews

In this lesson, children evaluate their trailers against agreed class success criteria, articulating what makes a successful book trailer and discussing ideas for sharing book recommendations