Stop motion

Pupils learn how to create simple animations, storyboarding their ideas and then decomposing the story into small parts of action to be captured using the Stop Motion Animation software. They will need to work carefully to frame and take shots, making minute movements each time to ensure a clear end result

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Lesson 1: What is stop motion?

In this lesson, children explore what is meant by Stop Motion and create their own simple animations with a ball of plasticine!


Lesson 2: Planning an animation

In this lesson, children storyboard their own animation, decomposing the action that they want to include to enable them to plan their filming


Lesson 3: Creating an animation

In this lesson, children take the first few shots of their film, making small movements between frames and following their storyboards


Lesson 4: Extending my animation

In this lesson, children add a new, additional character to their animations and continue to create their stop motion animation, making small changes to the models to ensure a smooth animation


Lesson 5: At the Movies

In this lesson, once the pupils' films are finished, turn the classroom into a cinema with the children reviewing each others animations