Getting started

In this topic, children are introduced to using computers more purposefully, learning how to login and navigate around a computer, develop their mouse skills, learn how to drag, drop, click and control their cursor to create works of art inspired by Kandinsky and self portraits

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Lesson 1: Logging in

Learning about computers and their role in the modern world. Pupils log in to school computers and tinker with the website Sketchpad


Lesson 2: Click and drag

After exploring different styles of art, including digital art, children use Sketchpad to create digital prints, developing their mouse skills in the process


Lesson 3: Drawing shapes

Expanding on their work from the previous lessons, children learn how to use drag and drop to create paintings in the style of Kandinsky, by layering concentric shapes


Lesson 4: Drawing a story

In this lesson, children use their digital painting skills to create pictures to retell a scene from the story of the Three Little Pigs


Lesson 5: Self-portrait

Having learnt a variety of different digital painting skills, children finish the topic by bringing together all that they have learnt to create a digital self-portrait