Lesson 2: Truisms

After exploring the idea of truisms, children create their own piece of art by matching a truism with a powerful photography to mirror its message and learn about the artist Jenny Holzer

Learning Objectives

  • Creating my own “Truism” which communicates meaning and which has impact

  • Knowing that contemporary artists use digital techniques to convey their messages

  • Taking photographs and make choices about how to edit and use them in context

  • Looking at the school environment through the lens of a camera and make choices about photographing aspects of it

Teacher Video: Truisms

Created by:
Susan Coles,  
Art & Design specialist
Susan is an educator, artist and an active advocate of art in schools. Her roles include: Secretary to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Art, Craft, Design Education, Past President, and now Honorary Fellow of the National Society for Education…
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