Learning About…the work of Edward Hopper

Aimed to empower children to discuss and explore works of art, children analyse, among others, Edward Hopper's 'Nighthawks' answering questions on some of the fundamental elements of art, including; scene, technique, form and shape, colour and light

Learning Objectives

  • Analysing and evaluating artwork using the following fundamental elements

  • Say what you see/Scene, Technique, Form and shape & Colour and light

Teacher Video: Learning about... the work of Edward Hopper


Nighthawks by Edward Hopper (1942)
Art Appreciation - 'Nighthawks' Questions
Art Appreciation - 'Nighthawks' Answers
Formal Elements Questions
Created by:
Susan Coles,  
Art & Design specialist
Susan is an educator, artist and an active advocate of art in schools. Her roles include: Secretary to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Art, Craft, Design Education, Past President, and now Honorary Fellow of the National Society for Education…
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