Year 5 Art and design: Design for a Purpose

In this topic, children are faced with the challenge of having to design to a specific criteria or specification, developing design ideas for a room interior, a coat of arms and product to fit a given name, children learn to draw inspiration from different sources and use a range of techniques to experiment with their different concepts

Choose your lesson

Lesson 1: Coat of arms

After learning about how the coat of arms originated and how they are used today, children create a design of their own.

Lesson 2: Designing spaces

Working to a specific brief, children work collaboratively to create a design for an empty room

Lesson 3: Changing spaces

Children use cut out shapes to help them experiment and develop their design ideas

Lesson 4: What’s in a name?

Pupils are given a word as a product name, which they then devise a product idea for

Lesson 5: Adverts

Children create and then present a pitch to sell their product

Assess your pupils

Assessment quiz and Knowledge catcher. These can be used at the start of the unit to access where pupils are in their learning as well as the end of the unit to assess progress. Go to assessment resources