Art & Design: Every Picture Tells a Story

The idea behind this topic is to develop children’s ability to analyse, unpick and understand works of art, using inference to suggest what different subjects may be thinking or feeling and predicting what might be happening in a scene and would could happen next. They also have the opportunity to create their own photo collages and abstract art inspired by the work explored

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Lesson 1: David Hockney’s: My Parents

Children analyse David Hockney’s, ‘My Parents’, describing the piece, including the formal elements (shape, form, tone, texture, pattern, colour) to someone who can't see the painting before acting out the scene within it.


Lesson 2: Paula Rego: The Dance

Unpicking and analysing Paula Rego’s 'The Dance' and discussing the formal elements of the piece, children learn to justify their opinion by referencing specific aspects of the painting


Lesson 3: Edward Hopper: Table for Ladies

To help understand the story behind this Edward Hopper painting, children create a role-play to view the work from another perspective


Lesson 4: Pieter Bruegel: Children's Games

Pupils explore Bruegel’s painting, 'Children's Games' before recreating it as a photo collage, but with a modern twist


Lesson 5: Fiona Rae

Developing their understanding of abstract art, children discuss the story behind Fiona Rae’s work and create their own piece to represent the same themes