Art and design Year 3 Prehistoric art

This topic is ideal for any class studying the Stone Age, or if you’re looking to explore a different style of art or techniques. Experimenting with charcoal, berries, leaves, homemade paints and more, children get a sense of what it was like to create art thousands of years ago and why these pieces were created

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Lesson 1: Exploring prehistoric art

Children are introduced to cave art and reflect upon the purpose of the drawings before working on developing their sense of proportion in drawing

Lesson 2: Charcoal animals

Children scale up their drawings from the previous lesson and use a different medium, charcoal, in their work

Lesson 3: Prehistoric palette (free lesson)

After experimenting with the colours and effects that can be created using natural materials, pupils make their own paints using spices and objects found on a nature walk

Lesson 4: Painting on the cave wall

Children paint their prehistoric animal picture that they drew earlier in the topic

Lesson 5: Hands on a cave wall

Children work on a collaborative class piece of prehistoric inspired art, creating hand prints onto a textured background