Lesson 1: Snail Sculptures

Children will sketch a pattern from observation before creating a sculpture from clay, using etching tools

Learning Objectives

  • Creating a pattern from clay

  • Using moulding clay/plasticine to create a sculpture

  • Knowing how to use etching tools to create my patterns

  • Sketching a pattern from observations, using lines, curls and circles

  • Working carefully to make sure that my patterns are even and regular

Teacher Video: Snail sculptures

Pupil Video: Snail sculptures


Insects Spiders and Snails PowerPoint
Created by:
Simon Chubb,  
Art & Design specialist
Simon is a teacher, cartoonist and artist. He uses his 25 years of experience to teach art in schools and has his own workshop business ‘Scartoons’ in which children create comicA series of drawings which tell a story characters and…
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