Art & Design: Formal elements of art

Exploring three of the formal elements of art: shape, line and colour; children will mix and paint with secondary colours; use circles to create abstract compositions and work collaboratively to create a class piece of art inspired by water.

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Lesson 1: Shape: Abstract compositions

Experimenting with abstract composition, children create a piece of abstract art inspired by artist Beatriz Milhazes


Lesson 2: Line 1: Exploring line

Children create a line drawing by arranging pieces of string to create different shapes then draw these from observation, using pencils and chalk, inspired by the artist Bridget Riley


Lesson 3: Line 2: Making waves

Building on their learning of line, children listen to music and work expressively with a variety of media, to create a single large piece of art, inspired by water, David Hockney and Vija Celmins


Lesson 4: Colour 1: Making colours

Children are introduced to the primary colours of red, blue and yellow through the use of Play-Doh and learn how they can be mixed to make secondary colours


Lesson 5: Colour 2: Painting with colour

Children put their understanding of colour mixing into practice to recreate their own versions of the artwork "0-9" by artists Jasper Johns