Year 1 vocabulary: Relationships and Sex Education


  • AccidentSomething that happens unintentionally.
  • AngryThe feeling of being mad or unhappy about something.

  • BabyA child in the very early stages of its life
  • BankA company that looks after your money and gives you money loans that you have to pay back
  • BetterSomething that is superior to something else.
  • Building societyA private company that looks after your money and gives out loans that you have to pay back

  • CareAttending for the needs of another
  • CashPhysical money such as notes or coins
  • choiceA decision one has to make between one or more options

  • DamagePhysical or mental harm to something or someone.
  • DangerThe possibility of something dangerous happening
  • DemocracyA system of government where the decision making process is vested in the general population
  • DentistSomeone whose job it is to look after our teeth and keep them healthy.
  • DoctorSomeone whose job it is to treat us when we are ill or injured.

  • EmotionA feeling that someone can have, such as happiness or anger.

  • FairSomething that is without prejudice or discrimination
  • FamilyThe people you are related to by blood (your mother, father, siblings, grandparents, cousins etc.) or by marriage (husband or wife).
  • FeelingThe physical or emotional response to something.
  • FriendlyBeing nice or kind to somebody.

  • GenerousA generous person does more or gives more than is expected of them.
  • GratefulTo be appreciative of the things we have or receive.

  • HappyFeeling good about something.
  • HazardSomething that poses a danger.

  • IllNot feeling well because of an illness or disease.
  • IncludedConsidering someone as part of a group.

  • MannersActions that demonstrate an awareness of social customs and respect and for other people’s feelings.
  • MedicineSomething you take to make you better if you are ill.
  • MoneyboxA box you put your coins in to keep them safe

  • NurseSomeone that helps look after us when we are ill.

  • OpticianSomeone whose job it is to assess our eyesight and see if we need glasses or not.

  • ParamedicSomeone whose job it is to give emergency help to people who are seriously ill or injured.
  • PetAn animal that we look after and care for in our homes
  • PoliteBehaviour that indicates respect and consideration for others.

  • QualitiesThe personality traits that make someone who they are.

  • RelaxTo rest or take a break.
  • RelaxationDoing calming activities such as having a bath or reading a book.
  • RoutineSet tasks that you complete on a regular basis, such as getting up to go to school every day or brushing your teeth before bed.
  • RuleSomething that tells that what is allowed or what is not allowed

  • SadThe feeling of being unhappy when something bad happens.
  • SkillThe ability to do something well.
  • SleepThe resting state of the body when you go to bed.
  • SolutionThe method in which a problem is overcome or resolved
  • StereotypeA generalised or over-simplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing that is often untrue.
  • StrengthsThe things we are good at.

  • TrustRelying on someone to do something for you, such as keeping a secret or doing you a favour.
  • TruthReal events or facts.

  • UnfairA situation that is prejudiced or biased
  • UniqueSomething original and unlike anything else
  • UnsafeA situation that is dangerous.

  • VoteA choice or preference towards a motion, decision or candidate for an election

  • WorriedThe feeling of anxiety or unhappiness about something that is happening now or in the future.
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