Kapow Primary’s Multi-Academy Trust Subscription Offer

2020 has been a year of immense change and uncertainty, not just for teachers and schools, but for us all as individuals. Here at Kapow Primary, we’ve always aimed to provide teachers with the tools they need to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, focusing on the enjoyment of children, as well as progression of skills in all our subjects. We hope that our videos and lessons have helped to ease the burden on schools not just this year, but every year. We know that school budgets are tight, and we know the struggles that schools face day in, day out. To help, we’re delighted to be able to showcase Kapow Primary’s multi-school subscription offer to schools that are in multi-academy trusts or similar clusters of schools. The details of this offer are as follows:

  • If you have signed up for a Kapow Primary subscription and another school within your MAT signs up within 30 days, we will credit (refund) the original school 12%, and offer a 12% reduction on the price of the referred school.
  • Once the 30 days have passed, if you want to upgrade to another subject, and another school in your MAT signs up, we will offer you a 12% reduction on the price of the subject upgrade. The referred school also gets a 12% reduction.
  • If another school within your MAT wants to sign up but the 30 day period has passed, and you don’t want to upgrade to another subject, we will offer you a 12% reduction on your renewal.
  • If schools within a MAT all want to sign up at the same time, there will be a 12% reduction on each subscription.


Lots of schools have signed up to Kapow Primary as part of our multi academy trust offer. Here are some reasons why:

  • They save money on the subscription price!
  • They are all on the same page and can share knowledge and information about the primary scheme of work they are following – be it art, DT, Computing, Music, French or RSE/PSHE, thus saving time during PPA and money on CPD.
  • If all the schools sign up together, then the renewals can all be processed at the same time, saving time.
  • There might only be one subject leader across the MAT so they can sign up to Kapow Primary for the MAT, and then be assured that full curriculum coverage will be ensured across all schools, with complete progression of skills – satisfying Ofsted’s requirements.
  • Sometimes teachers move within schools in the same MAT and it makes the transitions easier if all schools are following the same schemes of work, saving on training and preparation time needed.
  • Although not many additional resources are needed to follow the Kapow Primary schemes of work, any resources that have been purchased can potentially be shared between schools, cutting costs.
  • Policy documents can be shared between schools, thus saving time.
  • The multi-academy trust saves money on CPD costs as the Kapow Primary scheme offers full training through its short videos available for most lessons.


If you are already a member of Kapow Primary and want to refer another school within your MAT, simply contact enquiries@kapowprimary.com. If you are thinking of signing up as whole (or part) MAT, you can explore our special MAT pricing here, then email us on enquiries@kapowprimary.com. The sign-up process is smooth, easy and quick.

Written by:
Kapow Primary