Languages: Lower Key Stage 2 French

Lesson plans and teacher videos to instill confidence in your teaching of French

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We aim to instil a love of language learning within children, encouraging them to be languages detectives, working to decode new vocabulary. Our topics feature a mixture of speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, language learning strategies and cultural references. Each lesson supported by our unique teacher videos, demonstrating pronunciation and key teaching techniques for effective language learning.

Year 3

4 lessons
Practise introductions in French with puppets
5 lessons
Adjectives of colour and size (Henri Matisse)
French colour and size adjectives
5 lessons
Playground Games
French numbers to twelve and age questions
5 lessons
In the Classroom
French classroom vocabulary
5 lessons
French holiday vocabulary
5 lessons
Circle of Life
French science and animal vocabulary

Year 4

5 lessons
French descriptions of appearance
5 lessons
French days of the week, dates and seasons
5 lessons
French indefinite articles and possessive adjectives
5 lessons
Weather and Water Cycle
French weather, compass points and temperatures
5 lessons
Miam, miam!
French menus, food and ordering
5 lessons
French music and country vocabulary


Kapow Primary is an outstanding resource that every school and teacher can benefit from.

Chris Jukes

Primary Executive Leader

So glad we found Kapow computing! It has great lesson plans and resources that even technophobe teachers are happy to follow. It was great to find an affordable scheme that did not rely heavily on one type of hardware (eg iPads) but that offers full flexibility.


Lorraine Somner

I love Kapow! It is easy to follow and provides a clear progression of skills between each year group. It has boosted my staff’s CPD and the children find the lessons enjoyable.

Subject Leader

I love the ideas Kapow have given me to further develop Computing teaching in my school!

Thomas Pitts

Kapow is very easy to use and gives great support and guidance at every stage.


It is such an excellent source for all of my art lessons. There is nothing quite like it on the market in terms of art and DT.

Paola Aldus, Head of Art, St Teresa’s School

The lessons are clear and ideal for non-specialist teachers – you can’t go wrong! I really do think they will make a difference to the delivery of specialist subjects.

Heather Stirling Wood

Head Teacher

We have been very impressed with the quality of the planning and resources. You can really tell they have been created by experts in each subject. The videos are quick to watch, which really reduces planning time.

Vicky Doherty

Head Teacher

Kapow Primary is an outstanding resource that every school and teacher can benefit from.

Chris Jukes

Primary Executive Leader