Art and design Year 1: Sculptures and collages

On the theme of the natural world, children will make sculptures, collages, 3D models of creatures and a class spider sculpture, inspired by Louise Bourgeois.

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Lesson 1: Snail sculptures

Children will sketch a pattern from observation before creating a sculpture from clay, using etching tools

Lesson 2: Junk model animals

In this lesson the children will be designing and creating a 3-D model of a creature

Lesson 3: Plant collage

Children collect objects found in nature to create a 3D sculpture of interesting composition.

Lesson 4: Giant spider model part 1

Working as a class to recreate Louise Bourgeois' 'Maman' spider sculpture (1999), the children will plan and create the legs and body of the spider

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Lesson 5: Giant spider model part 2

In this second lesson the children will be painting the class spider sculpture, to give it a metallic bronze effect

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