What’s included?

  • Schemes of work providing full national curriculum coverage for chosen subjects
  • 700+ skills-based lesson plans, easy to adapt for a wide range of topics at KS1 and KS2 (plus EYFS in Computing and Music)
  • CPD through hundreds of confidence-inspiring videos that provide rich, visual demonstrations and develop subject knowledge
  • Helpful documents and support for subject leaders
  • Free wellbeing module

Watch the video for an introduction!

computing lesson teacher and students

Useful resources


  • See the Kapow Primary intent, implementation and impact statements for each of our six subjects here
  • Access long-term plans for Music, D&T, Art, RSE & PSHE, as well as a combined Art and D&T plan for schools that alternate between the subjects here.


Icon Benefit 1

Full national curriculum coverage for chosen subject developed with subject specialists

Icon Benefit 2

Built-in CPD. Videos and guidance to develop confidence and subject knowledge as you plan

Icon Benefit 3

Progression of pupil skills through thorough and considered planning

Icon Benefit 4

A broad and balanced curriculum. Engaging and purposeful lessons that are easy to adapt to chosen topics



Subscription prices

Any 1 subject + WellbeingAny 2 subjects + WellbeingAny 3 subjects + WellbeingAny 4 subjects + WellbeingAny 5 subjects + WellbeingAny 6 subjects +Wellbeing
Small school, excl VAT (0-150 pupils) £185£335£470£595£695£790
Medium school, excl VAT (150-300 pupils) £245£465 £625 £780£920£1,055
Large school, excl VAT (300+ pupils)£300 £570 £765 £960 £1,125£1,310

Our prices are transparent: we don’t employ a sales team.

We have a discount scheme for MATs and other groups of schools. Please email enquiries@kapowprimary.com to find out more.

Ordering is online only via the sign-up links.

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