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So glad we found Kapow computing! It has great lesson plans and resources that even technophobe teachers are happy to follow. It was great to find an affordable scheme that did not rely heavily on one type of hardware (eg iPads) but that offers full flexibility.


Lorraine Somner

I love the ideas Kapow have given me to further develop Computing teaching in my school!

Thomas Pitts

It is such an excellent source for all of my art lessons. There is nothing quite like it on the market in terms of art and DT.

Paola Aldus, Head of Art, St Teresa’s School

These plans are really good, they stretch the children and also are modern and relevant. They are easy to teach. We loved the IOT work and have now passed our ideas for a SMART classroom on to our school council.

Elska Hughes

School Teacher

‘As a new Art leader, Kapow has saved me hours of planing and has provided me with different perspectives to teaching. The wide variety of resources has ensured that a vast majority of skills and techniques are covered. Moreover, the lessons are differentiated which allows all teachers to challenge the students in the class. I and all teachers at Portway Primary School are grateful to Kapow for the hard work and dedication.’

Arina Narbuntiene

Art subject leader

We have just bought into Kapow and it has been so easy to put it into our school. Everything is there that you need and its brilliant to help teachers gain confidence with skills they may have not taught previously. Resource lists for everything you need, all lesson plans are all there and easy to follow. ‘

Sarah Elmes, Woodhouse Community School

I just wanted to let you know that I had a recent Ofsted inspection. PSHE/RSE was chosen. I could talk enthusiastically about Kapow and confidently show the coverage of the statutory elements- they were impressed. I love your schemes of work and detailed plans. So I just wanted to say thanks and well done. Also, would you consider writing schemes of work for EYFS?  This is something I would be interested in to ensure continuity throughout the whole school. Many thanks Mrs W (Mrs W, thank you. The answer is that yes EYFS will be available for RSE in late 2022!)

RSE and PSHE, Mrs W

Subject leader

The Antarctic lesson plans are simply superb. The depth, accuracy and approach are very impressive. I just wish that this kind of material had been around during my school days.

Mike Leach – Wildlife author, Science communicator and fact checker