Y3/4: Health and wellbeing (Cycle B)

Learning how to look after our teeth, practising visualisation as a way to relax, considering our strengths and future career options, learning how to break down barriers to help us achieve a goal, identifying a range of emotions and understanding the term 'mental health.'

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Y3/4 Lesson 1 (Cycle B): My healthy diary

Understanding and planning for a healthy lifestyle, including physical activity, rest and diet.

Learning Objective

To understand and plan for a healthy lifestyle including physical activity, rest and diet

Y3/4 Lesson 2 (Cycle B): Looking after our teeth

Learning how to keep our teeth healthy.

Learning Objective

To understand how we can look after our teeth

Y3/4 Lesson 3 (Cycle B): Relaxation: Visualisation

Children identify what makes them feel calm and learn some relaxation techniques.

Learning Objective

To understand what relaxation feels like; To understand that relaxation techniques can be used anywhere

Y3/4 Lesson 4 (Cycle B): Meaning and purpose: my role

Children learn to identify their own strengths and begin to see how they can positively affect others.

Learning Objective

To identify my own strengths and begin to see how they can affect others

Y3/4 Lesson 5 (Cycle B): Resilience: breaking down problems

Learning that problems can be overcome by having a plan to break the issue down into smaller goals.

Learning Objective

To break down barriers into smaller, achievable goals

Y3/4 Lesson 6 (Cycle B): Emotions

Learning that it is normal to experience a range of emotions, and identifying emotions people may feel in different situations.

Learning Objective

To understand a range of emotions

Y3/4 Lesson 7 (Cycle B): Mental health

Learning what mental health is, that sometimes people need help with their mental health, and where to get that help

Learning Objective

To begin to understand what mental health is and who can help if they need it