Families and relationships

Understanding that families across the world are varied and respecting these differences. Learning about physical and emotional boundaries in friendships and exploring the roles related to bullying: victim, bully and bystander. Understanding how actions and behaviour affects others and expected manners in a range of situations. Learning what bereavement is.

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Lesson 1: Respect and manners

Pupils learn about courtesy, respect and manners in a range of situations


Lesson 2: Healthy friendships

Children learn about the physical and emotional boundaries in friendships, including relationships in a digital context


Lesson 3: How my behaviour affects others

Children learn how acts of kindness have an impact on others


Lesson 4: Bullying

Learning about the impact of bullying and the responsibility of bystanders


Lesson 5: Stereotypes - gender

In this lesson children explore stereotypes in fictional characters and think about how they influence our ideas about gender


Lesson 6: Families in the wider world

Learning that others’ families, either in school or in the wider world, can be different from their own family and that they should respect those differences


Lesson 7: Change and loss

Learning what a bereavement is and how to help someone who is experiencing loss