Health and wellbeing

Understanding that a healthy lifestyle includes physical activity, a balanced diet, rest and relaxation. Exploring identity through groups we belong to, how strengths can be used to help others and learning how to overcome problems by breaking them into achievable steps.

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Lesson 1: My healthy diary

Understanding and planning for a healthy lifestyle including physical activity, rest and diet


Lesson 2: Relaxation: stretches

Understanding that relaxation has a positive impact on the body, pupils learn a range of relaxation stretches


Lesson 3: Wonderful me

Children explore their identity by considering the groups and communities that they are a part of and what they like, and write a kenning style poem about themselves


Lesson 4: My superpowers

Identifying personal strengths and thinking about how these can be used and how they may impact others


Lesson 5: Resilience: breaking down barriers

Children learn that problems can be overcome by having a plan to break the issue down into smaller goals


Lesson 6: Diet and dental health

The children learn about the different food groups that make up a balanced diet