Health and wellbeing

Exploring the effects of exercise and relaxation on physical health and wellbeing and understanding dental hygiene. Learning strategies for managing different emotions, setting goals and developing a growth mindset.

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Lesson 1: Experiencing different emotions

Pupils learn how to recognise and talk about their emotions and the feelings of others


Lesson 2: Being active

Learning about the benefits of physical activity, pupils describe how they feel after exercise and identify physical activities that they enjoy


Lesson 3: Relaxation: Breathing exercises

Learning how relaxation affects the body, children learn breathing techniques to aid relaxation


Lesson 4: Steps to success

Children learn to identify their strengths and set themselves achievable goals


Lesson 5: Developing a growth mindset

Developing their resilience, children learn to identify strategies to help overcome barriers or manage difficult emotions


Lesson 6: Healthy diet

Pupils will learn about what it means to have a healthy diet


Lesson 7: Looking after our teeth

Learning about the ways in which we can keep our teeth healthy, pupils explore how food and drink can affect our teeth