Families and relationships

Understanding that families are made up of different people and they offer one another care and support. Learning how other people show their feelings and how to respond to them. Exploring the conventions of manners and developing an understanding of self respect.

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Lesson 1: Families offer stability and love

Understanding the role of family in their lives


Lesson 2: Families are all different

Children learn to understand and respect that families are all different and can be made up of different people


Lesson 3: Other peoples' feelings

Learning to recognise how others might be thinking and what emotions might look like on the outside


Lesson 4: Unhappy friendships

Learning that some friendships might make us feel unhappy and how to deal with this


Lesson 5: Introduction to manners and courtesy

Understanding that manners and learning why manners and behaviour change in some situations


Lesson 6: Change and loss

Understanding about change and loss and how this can affect us


Lesson 7: Gender stereotypes: Careers and jobs

The last lesson of this unit will focus on gender stereotyping in the workplace, allowing children to develop understanding of stereotypes and how these might affect job/career choices