Focusing on the three areas of: responsibility, community and democracy

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Lesson 1: Rules beyond school

The children will learn about the importance of rules and the consequences of breaking or not following rules


Lesson 2: Our school environment

The class will learn about the ways they can look after and improve their school environment


Lesson 3: Our local environment

Children will learn about the different roles that people play in looking after our local environments, including volunteers, cleaners, caretakers and lunchtime staff


Lesson 4: Job roles in our local community

The pupils will learn about the roles people have in the community as well as the wider impact of these roles not being fulfilled


Lesson 5: Similar yet different - my local community

The children will learn to recognise the similarities and differences between people in the local community


Lesson 6: School council

The class will learn about how the School Council works and why it is important to have a democratic election system


Lesson 7: Giving my opinion

Children learn that we can share our opinions on things which matter to us and that our ideas and opinions can help to change something