Clothes - getting dressed in France

In a topic about 'les vêtements' children learn to recognise several items of clothing, understand the different forms of the indefinite article and possessive adjective as well as practice using the correct adjectival agreement and describe what people are wearing.

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Lesson 1: Clothes in French

After joining in with the traditional French song, 'Promenons-nous dans les bois', children are introduced to the vocabulary to describe items of clothes, and the different forms of the indefinite article un, une, des, and the possessive adjectives mon, ma, mes.


Lesson 2: Clothes and colours in French

Children play games, incorporating colour into their descriptions of clothing items, before putting into practice what they have learnt, matching or describing clothing items based on their colour


Lesson 3: Where do adjectives go in French?

Children recap adjectival agreement (from Year 4 'Portraits' topic) - learning that there are several forms of the same word depending on whether they are feminine, masculine, feminine plural or masculine plural


Lesson 4: A French clothes catalogue

Having learned the phrases, 'J’aime...' and 'Je n’aime pas...' children express their opinions about a collection of outlandish outfits and then, with support from the accompanying resources, describe their own catalogue outfit creation


Lesson 5: What is our French model wearing?

Children design their own garments, as flamboyant as they like, then describe them to a partner before presenting their outfit creation to the class