French adjectives of colour, size and shape

Teach French adjectives of colour and size and describe shapes though games.  Pupils create animals from 2D shapes and make art works inspired by French artist Henri Matisse

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Lesson 1: Colours in French

Using beanbags to introduce the colours, children answer the question 'c’est quelle couleur?' and progress to responding to instructions by correctly building a tower of bricks using the colours they hear described

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Lesson 2: Sizes and shapes in French

Children learn shape names and size adjectives; matching descriptive captions to corresponding images and completing a tangram puzzle

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Lesson 3: Using shapes like the French artist, Matisse

Inspired by the animal collages of Matisse, children work in pairs to create 2D compositions, with one child acting as 'l’artiste', describing the shapes they require, and their 'l’assistant' providing them with the shapes they describe

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Lesson 4: In the style of the French artist, Matisse

Pupils follow a set of written instructions in French to create their own animal collage in the style of Matisse

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Lesson 5: Inspired by Matisse's French 'Christmas eve' window

Children use a computer based paint package or a selection of collage materials to design a stained glass window based on Matisse's 'Nuit de Noël'

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