Lesson 8: First computers

Learning about how computers have changed since their earliest design, pupils look at the evolution of computers including consoles and mobile phones

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how computers have changed and the impact this has had on the modern world

  • Identifying how computers have evolved over time

  • Understanding that computers are everywhere in modern life

  • I can recognise some of the earliest computers and how they impacted the modern world

Lesson Plan

First computers
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Teacher Video: First computers

Presentation: First computers


Arcade games
Infographic timeline examples
Computers to research
Computers to research teacher information
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Cat Lamin,  
Computing specialist
Cat was a committed primary school teacher for twelve years. After starting her independent consultancy ‘Crossover Solutions’ she has travelled to Argentina, Brazil and America to share her wealth of knowledge of computer science with other teachers. Her enjoyment for…
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