Bletchley Park 2

In the second part of our Bletchley Park topic, children write, record and edit radio plays set during WWII, look back in time at how computers have evolved from being larger than a room to fitting into the palm of your hand, and design a computer of the future

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Lesson 6: Playing with Sound

Children learn the key features of a radio play before then creating and editing a radio play set at Bletchley Park during the war

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Lesson 7: Radio Plays

Once children have written their radio play, they record and edit it to include sound effects and music

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Lesson 8: First Computers

Learning about how computers have changed since their earliest design, pupils look at the evolution of computers including consoles and mobile phones

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Lesson 9: Computers That Changed the World

After learning about the evolution of computers, children select one historical computer to research and present information about

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Lesson 10: Future Computer

After looking at how far computers have come, children design a computer for the future

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