Lesson 10: Smart School Presentation

Children present their ideas for a turning a school into a smart school and consider whether using this data could create any privacy issues

Learning Objectives

  • To present ideas for turning a school into a smart school

  • Presenting my ideas for improving school through the application of Big Data and the Internet of Things

  • Listening to the ideas of my peers and providing effective feedback on their presentation

  • Asking and answering effective questions that deepen my understanding

Lesson Plan

Making a presentation on my ideas for a smart school
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Presentation: Smart school presentation


Big data teacher information
Feedback sheet
Created by:
Richard Williams,  
Computing specialist
Richard is a Year 6 Teacher at St. Pancras Primary School. Richard’s passion for teaching was recognised when he received Suffolk’s ‘Raising The Bar’ award for Innovation 2016. With his class he made the world’s first guided VR:360 school tour…
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