Lesson 5: Creating my website

Children create their own website in accordance with their designs developed in the previous lesson and evaluate its success

Before the lesson

Have ready

  • Presentation: Creating my website – IMAGES COMING SOON!!!
  • Making a website help sheet from Lesson 1
  • Pupils’ Google Sites checklist
  • Pupils’ planning sheets from Lesson 4
  • Link: ‘Google Sites’



  • Activity: Google Sites evaluation (see Classroom resources) – one per pupil

Download classroom resources

Activity: Google Sites evaluation
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Learning objective

  • To create a website and evaluate its success

National curriculum links

Pupils to be taught to:

  • Understand computer networks including the internet; how they can provide multiple services, such as the world wide web, and the opportunities they offer for communication and collaboration
  • Use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognise acceptable/unacceptable behaviour; identify a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact

Success criteria

  • I can build a website with four web pages about a specific topic
  • I can use a range of features on Google Sites
  • I can evaluate a website

Cross-curricular links

  • Nothing relevant to this lesson

Attention grabber

Display slide 2 of Presentation: Creating my website  to discuss the Learning objective and Success criteria

Presentation: Creating my website

Show on your interactive whiteboard

In this final lesson of the topic, the children are going to be creating the websites that they planned in Lesson 4.

Ensure that they have all their designs and checklists from the previous lessons to familiarise themselves with the skills they have been learning in Google Sites and their website design.

Slide 3: begin by asking them to consider where they will start and what the order of priority is to create their site.

Ask pupils to explain to their partner what they have done so far (if they started last lesson) and explain their design and what they will do first.


Key questions

  • Where will you start? Why?
  • What will you leave until last?
  • Which feature is most important?

Main event

Pupils should either begin making their site or continue from the previous lesson, using their plans.

Slide 4: once they have their four web pages set up, they should focus on producing the content for their website.

Remind pupils to think about subpages and links within their website.

What else might be useful for readers of the site?

Slide 5: suggest that they could include images, videos or even a Google Form, which they will have learned during the Year 4, Collaborative Learning topic.


Pupils needing extra support: Should produce fewer web pages and instead focus on using as many of the features as possible. Encourage them to use their help sheets and designs.


Pupils working at greater depth: Should ensure they have included all the elements from their design.

Wrapping up

Hand out the Activity: Google Sites evaluation sheets and ask pupils to self assess their site; while exploring it, they should write down what went well.

Slide 6 and 7: they should then swap places and Google Sites evaluation sheets with another member of the class and peer evaluate their website in exactly the same way.

Ask children if any of them have ideas about how they could use their web building and design skills in the future.

Note: Remind pupils that once they press ‘Publish’ their website is live to the world.


Key question

  • Any ideas to use skills in the future?

Assessing pupils' progress and understanding

Pupils with secure understanding indicated by: Creating four web pages with a range of features in their website.


Pupils working at greater depth indicated by:  Creating at least four web pages with a range of features and a consistent style throughout their site.


  • Website

  • Evaluate

  • Web page

  • Features

  • Plan

  • Homepage

  • Embed

  • Subpage

  • Assessment

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