Lesson 3: A website's journey

Learning that networks connect to the Internet via a router, pupils firstly act out, and then draw a map to show how we are able to share information and images from a website

Before the lesson

Learning objective

  • To understand a website’s journey

National curriculum

Pupils should be taught to:

  • Understand computer networks including the internet; how they can provide multiple services, such as the World Wide Web, and the opportunities they offer for communication and collaboration
  • Select, use and combine a variety of software (including internet services) on a range of digital devices to design and create a range of programs, systems and content that accomplish given goals, including collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting data and information

Success criteria

Cross-curricular links

Attention grabber

Main event


For pupils needing extra support: Reduce the number of steps in the process by just focusing on being passed from router to router. It could be more accessible to act this out in a small group.


Pupils working at greater depth: Discuss what would happen if you closed the laptop before the page had loaded or if you clicked another link. They should use logical reasoning to conclude that parts of the website would get lost trying to find a computer that was no longer there.

Wrapping up

Assessing pupils' progress and understanding


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