Art & Design: Still life

In this topic, pupils revisit their still life skills, creating a variety of pieces influenced by different artists and using a range of mediums. They use charcoal, erasers and paint to depict their chosen composition of special objects before using them to construct a memory box to showcase their work.

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Lesson 1: Still Life Composition

Using a selection of objects meaningful to them, children learn the subtle art of composition, sketching as they go


Lesson 2: Charcoal Still Life

Using the same arrangement as last lesson, pupils draw inspiration from the abstract artist Camargo and use charcoals to create a new still life piece


Lesson 3: Negative Medium Still Life

Learning to see light and shade in a new way, children pick out the shapes of their composition using erasers on a lightly greyed out background


Lesson 4: Still life in colour

After looking at still life paintings from Cezanne, pupils mix and use paint to bring colour to their still life with a range of tints and hues


Lesson 5: Assembling the Memory Box

Children showcase their still life works by creating a box with a different piece on each face, topped with a graphic representation of the memories they evoke