Art & Design: Photography

Through developing their photography skills, children cover useful artistic concepts in a new context, looking at: composition, colour, light, abstract images and underlying messages. By familiarising themselves with new photography artists, children can gain a new perspective on the way they look at the people and objects around them, capturing and presenting images in different ways.

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Lesson 1: Photomontage

Pupils are shown the work of different photomontage artists to see the effects that can be created before then crafting their own


Lesson 2: Truisms

After exploring the idea of truisms, children create their own piece of art by matching a truism with a powerful photography to mirror its message


Lesson 3: Macro Photography

Focusing on the work of Edward Weston, children observe the abstract-looking images created through macro photography


Lesson 4: Self Portraits

By looking at the many different examples of self portraits over time, children use photography to create their own


Lesson 5: Expressions in Photography

Looking at The Scream by Edvard Munch, children recreate the image adding an expressive photo self portrait to a background created in another medium