Year 6 Art and design: Make my voice heard

Exploring art with a message, children look at the famous ‘Guernica’ by Picasso and the confronting works of Käthe Kollwitz and through the mediums of graffiti, drawing, painting and sculpture, pupils create their own artworks that speak to the viewer

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Lesson 1: Graffiti artists’ tag

Children express their personality, transforming their names into graffiti tags, using block lettering, serifs contrasting colours and shadow

Lesson 2: Käthe Kollwitz

After viewing the emotive works of Käthe Kollwitz, children draw their own portraits using a series of lines and experiment with 'halo' and 'chiaroscuro' techniques.

Lesson 3: Guernica 1 – Pablo Picasso

Having learned about the symbolism used in Picasso's ‘Guernica’, children plan their own composition based upon this famous piece, using symbols reflective of the First World War and plotting contrasting areas of black and white.

Lesson 4: Guernica 2 – Pablo Picasso

Continuing with their 'Guernica' inspired compositions from last lesson, children apply paint in tones of black, white and grey, standing back from their work at regular intervals to ensure that they maintain balance in their piece.

Lesson 5: Clay sculpture

Children turn their Käthe Kollwitz inspired drawings from Lesson 2 into sculptures fit for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, being aware of the message their sculpture portrays through its expression and looking at sculptors such as Mark Wallinger

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