Art & Design: Craft

This topic sees the children explore different techniques to be used with materials which can then be applied to any project. They start by learning to investigate different ideas by creating a mood board to work as a visual mind map and source of inspiration. Pupils learn to tie-dye, weave and sew to create a range of effects using fabric, culminating in a finished t-shirt which showcases these skills

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Lesson 1: Mood board

Children carefully select and curate fabrics, colours, textures and images to inspire them in this topic through making a mood board


Lesson 2: Tie-dyeing materials

Relating the technique to wax resist, children learn how to create patterns on materials using tie-dye, exploring different effects


Lesson 3: Paper weaving

Pupils look at how to use strips of paper to create a weave, familiarising themselves with terms such as warp and weft


Lesson 4: Weaving other materials

Using their weaving skills from the previous lesson and their tie-dyed materials from Lesson 2, children weave with fabric using a loom


Lesson 5: Sewing a t-shirt

Using their tie-dyed t-shirt from Lesson 2, children sew a shape or fabric weave onto the front, inspired by their mood board