Art and design Year 2: Human form

Exploring how bodies and faces are portrayed in art: looking at the work of a number of artists, using their bodies to form shapes, creating collages, drawing portraits and creating a peg figure

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Lesson 1: Human alphabet

Children work as a group to position their bodies to make human letter forms.

Lesson 2: Skulls

Taking inspiration from decorated skulls in different cultures, children trace an image of a skull and then decorate it using a medium and pattern of their choice.

Lesson 3: Making faces

Children create a collage made up of different facial features that they have selected and cut from magazines.

Lesson 4: Opie style portraits

Children create a self-portrait using lines and dots, in the style of contemporary British artist, Julian Opie.

Lesson 5: Clothes peg figures

Having seen the work of craftsperson Edwina Bridgeman, children will be inspired to give a simple wooden peg a new lease of life, transforming it into a peg figure with a face, hair and clothes.

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Assessment quiz and Knowledge catcher. Use at the start of the unit to assess where pupils are in their learning and at the end of the unit to assess progress. Go to assessment resources