Art & Design: Human form

Exploring how bodies and faces are portrayed in art: looking at the work of a number of artists, using their bodies to form shapes, creating collages, drawing portraits and creating a peg figure

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Lesson 1: Human alphabet

Children work as a group to position their bodies to make human letter forms


Lesson 2: Skulls

Taking inspiration from Damien Hirst's ‘Cornucopia’ collection, children trace an image of a skull and then adorn it using a medium and pattern of their choice


Lesson 3: Making faces

Children create a collage made up of different facial features that they have selected and cut from magazines


Lesson 4: Opie style portraits

Children create a self-portrait in the style of contemporary British artist Julian Opie, using lines and dots


Lesson 5: Clothes peg figures

Having seen the work of craftsperson Edwina Bridgeman, children will be inspired to give a simple wooden peg a new lease of life, transforming it into a peg figure with a face, hair and clothes